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mandela day

Drop all and read for 67 minutes on Mandela day

Nelson Mandela International day commemorates the lifetime of service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world. It was launched on his birthday, 18 July. Every year, thousands of South African’s come together on the 18th of July to offer their time and talents, for at least 67 minutes, to charities, orphanages, schools and many other causes.

In celebration of Mandela day Midvaal libraries will present a Drop all and read Programme

Venue: Bantu Bonke Town Hall on the 18 July 2017

Time :   10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The objective of the day is to inculcate the culture of reading amongst our youth. Children will be requested to drop everything hold hands and form a human chain as stories are read to them.

We invite kids’ ages 7-14 residing in Bantu Bonke/Panfontein to join us on this fun-filled event with lots of entertainment for kids.

For more information and details you are welcome to contact Ms Judith Zwane or Prudence Matitwane (016)360-7443 /4.



  • 4th Old Age Home@10:00
  • 11th Old Age Home@10:00
  • 12th Alwynspoort Outreach@10:00
  • 18th Old Age Home@10:00
  • 18th Bantu Bonke Outreach@14:00
  • 20th Indoor games@10:00
  • 25th Toy Session@ 11:00
  • 26th Mandela month presentation@14:00

De Deur

  • 4th Puzzles for kids@10:00
  • 6th Story hour@14:00
  • 11th Reading Circle@10:00
  • 12th Painting for kids@10:00
  • 13th Word Creation@10:00
  • 14th Sisonke@9:00

Fire safety@10:00

  • 17th Card making@9:00
  • 27th Abbeyfields@9:00


  • 13th Reading Circle@9:00
  • 17th Creative Library Orientation Session@10:00
  • 18th Arts & Crafts@10:00
  • 19th Old aged home@09h00

                      Creative story telling @15:00



  • 4th Story hour@14:00
  • 6th Face mask@11:00
  • 13th Colouring@12:00
  • 18th Library Orientation@14:30
  • 26th Life skills@14:30
  • 27th Teen Reading Club@14:30


  • 3rd Spelling Bee@15:00

              Retirement village@9:30

  • 6th Toys@15:00
  • 12th Reading Circle@12:00

               Nali Bali@14:30

  • Story Hour@14:00
  • 19th Treasure Hunt@13:00


  • 3rd Puzzles@11:00
  • 4th  Colouring@11:00
  • 5th Word Search@11:00

Computer classes

  • 13th,14th  15th Lakeside library
  • 25th , 26th, 27 Sicelo Library